Ini 35 Startup Terpilih Dalam Program Greentech Entrepreneurs Network Batch 1

Program akselerator Greentech Entrepreneurs Network telah umumkan 35 startup terpilih yang akan mengikuti program lanjutan yaitu business matching dan networking dinner.

Greentech Entrepreneurs Network sendiri merupakan program akselerasi dan hub yang mengfokuskan pada startup greentech. Batch pertama berisi 35 startup yang sudah terpilih dibagi dalam tiga kategori yaitu sektor ekonomi, sektor sumber daya natural dan sektor transisi energi bersih.

Program ini merupakan kerja sama antara Kementerian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/Bappenas Republik Indonesia, dilaksanakan oleh Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, dan didukung oleh Endeavor Indonesia.

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Berikut daftar 35 startup yang terpilih untuk mengikuti business matching dan networking dinner yang diadakan hari Kamis 1 Februari 2024.


Boolet breathes new life into used natural materials, beginning with transforming single-use chopsticks & skewers into sustainable alternatives. We meet the demand for stylish wooden household products, curbing deforestation for a greener future.

Ikanesia Insekt

PT Ikanesia Nusantara Akuamarin revolutionizes feeds with eco-friendly insect alternatives from Indonesia’s diverse insect wealth. Having sold 50,000 fish feed units, we plan to expand into cat, dog, reptile, poultry feeds, and human health supplements.

Surplus Indonesia

Surplus, Indonesia’s first “Food Rescue App”, tackles the $39 billion surplus food market by empowering local businesses. Offering a 50% discount, it prevents edible excess and imperfect produce from becoming waste, avoiding landfill disposal.


IJO, an Indonesian biotech startup, leads in eco-friendly bioplastics from seaweed for sustainable food packaging. Our distinctive model advocates environmental harmony, community empowerment, and a circular economy, fighting against global plastic waste.

Kusuma Jaya Agro

Specializing in Renewable Energy, PT. Kusuma Jaya Agro (KJA) processes Biomass from various sources, contributing 4,820 MT to Biomass Co-firing by Q3-2023, generating 7.6 Green Gigawatts. Our dedication is to innovate for clean energy and sustainability.


TruClimate guides businesses on sustainability with a user-friendly carbon management platform. Measure GHG emissions, identify decarbonization opportunities, and access quality carbon credits effortlessly.

Matador Lectro

We are a company providing lithium battery energy storage systems in Indonesia. Our products have high local content in lithium battery technology, including battery management systems, energy management systems, and lithium battery packaging.


Ekosis revolutionizes agriculture, connecting buyers and suppliers with a community-centric platform. Our unified ecosystem streamlines procurement, ensuring transparency and reliability, reshaping the industry for sustainability, efficiency, and global market access. is AI-powered Climate Technology to revolutionize and integrate waste management practices across Indonesia.

Azura Indonesia

Azura Indonesia, a social enterprise, strives for a clean and sustainable Indonesian ocean. Our mission is to provide green technology to coastal communities, transforming ocean conservation through carbon reduction, market exploration, and inclusive financing.


AKAR is IKEA-style full stack modular indoor farming.


Blitz is a data-driven logistic enabler in SEA. Enterprises from various industries private label Blitz’s services, incorporating Blitz’s logistic tech stack, operations, and EV fleets to enhance their delivery efficiency and margins.


Duitin revolutionizes waste management with a user-friendly platform. Our transparent approach offers actionable insights, empowering individuals and businesses to optimize real-time sustainability impact, fostering a cleaner, greener world.


Lokatani aims to streamline agriculture by aligning real-time crop production with client demand, ensuring an efficient and sustainable on-demand supply chain through an IoT-integrated app.


VENAMBAK provides eco-friendly solutions for aquaculture, integrating aeration systems to boost productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Our vision is to decarbonize aquaculture, focusing on energy transition, post-harvest, and blue carbon farming markets.


Rezycology, a social enterprise in plastic recycling, innovates with a monitoring system empowering waste aggregators to elevate recyclable sales standards. Our goal is to pioneer Indonesia’s integrated plastic recycling chain for the benefit of people and the planet.


BEUANG, a groundbreaking startup, transforms the recycled materials supply chain by connecting waste collectors with manufacturers. The platform ensures a sustainable flow of recycled materials, empowering collectors and providing manufacturers with a reliable source.

BIOPS Agrotekno

BIOPS Agrotekno is a technology-based company that provide solution by applying technology in agriculture fields. Our main product is IoT-based irrigation system. Currently, we are expanding into AI-based services and drone services.


PT Selaras Daya Utama, known as SEDAYUSolar is Indonesia’s leading Solar Energy company with more than 200 Solar Power projects for international and Indonesia’s leading companies since 2009, including Danone, Shell, Chandra Asri Petrochemicals, Denso and Sumitomo Electric.


CIROES transforms waste management, connecting generators and users via a comprehensive platform. Our vision is to propel Indonesia into a circular economy through education, empowerment, and technology, committed to revolutionary waste management and ambitious zero-waste goals.


Founded in 2020, Circularva envisions a community-driven presence in pet feed, utilizing sustainable organic waste processing with BSF Larvae. By 2024, we aim to offer a learning platform and digital app integrated into our ecosystem.


Dulang, a streamlined repair platform, simplifies electronic repairs, promoting reuse to reduce electronic waste. Our vision spans the full cycle: resale, upcycling, recycling, leasing, and developing a digital product passport, aiming for a world without electronic waste through a circular economy.


Crustea blends IoT, AI, and renewable energy in Aquaculture, providing an eco-friendly solar PV aerator with smart energy and IoT Pond Monitoring. Our aim is to boost pond farmers’ productivity, ensuring food security and nurturing a sustainable, advanced aquaculture ecosystem in Indonesia.


Jubelo, a climate tech firm, champions sustainability in waste, Algae bioreactor, and Air Monitoring. Leveraging 40 years of family business, Jubelo envisions a comprehensive tech solution for Indonesia, providing environmental benefits, convenience, and community comfort.


Elevarm, an Indonesian agritech firm, specializes in upstream horticulture, enhancing access to agricultural inputs for over 13,000 smallholder farmers in 20 clusters across three provinces, supporting their developmen


Spora Institute nurtures the EV ecosystem, envisioning electric vehicles integrated seamlessly into a thriving tapestry. With a commitment to knowledge, expertise, and innovation, Spora is a unique force in the EV landscape, fostering collaboration and inclusivity.


Containder, an app for waste management, transforms mindset and awareness, enabling efficient and systematic waste reduction and handling. We empower communities to optimize their waste systems with a fresh perspective.


BIOJEL, a clean energy company, focuses on decarbonizing various biomass waste resources for a sustainable circular economy. We contribute to government programs for energy transition and net-zero emissions, aiming for a low-carbon future and green energy transformation.


Plana transforms plastic and husk waste into durable PlanaWood for eco-friendly building and furniture, combating climate change. We uplift farmers, reduce carbon footprint, and inspire a sustainable, circular economy for a brighter future.


LindungiHutan, a green-tech startup since 2017, aids corporates in achieving carbon neutrality through tree planting. With 400+ clients, 650,000+ trees planted, and 800+ tons of CO2e absorbed, we thrive as a profitable and dynamically evolving business, committed to sustainable growth.

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