About Us

Solum is a sustainability-focused digital media network.

Solum /ˈso.lum/, [ˈsɔːlum] latin for soil, earth.

Our mission is to facilitate collaboration to encourage the development, deployment and accelerated uptake of globally sustainable, net-zero solutions. Our passionate team understands the critical role of policymakers, business, and industry leaders in transitioning to a net zero and sustainable world. That’s why our industry-leading media organization forges public-private partnerships, bringing together business leaders, investors, politicians, and regulators to scale impact and deliver real change on the ground.


Wiku Baskoro – Editorial

Glenn Kaonang – Editorial

Rahmat Harlyadi – Business Development

Arif Hardiyanto – Operations


PT Digital Startup Nusantara
Wisma 77 Tower 2, 3rd floor.

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